Pip - 2001 - 19/06/2019

They say a dog is man's best friend
It's true a friend I've had in you,
Through my pain, my tears that fell
In darkness and light, you'd dwell.
I could not ask anymore of you
My little friend I will always love you.

A guardian you came to be
By my side you'd always be,
From young pup to old and grey
The many years by my side you'd stay.
The people came and went their ways
You'd look for them it past your days.

And now in age I look for you
To give you back a little of what I knew,
I thank you for just being here
By my side in laugh and tear,
Stay a little longer with me please
Your being here to ease my days.
For you are so very special to me
A future without you I could never see
You are the dearest friend to me.

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